Dress Like a Brit It Girl

How do British women manage to look sophisticated, but in a way that looks like they’re not really trying? Look at Alexa Chung – her style always looks so natural, and she can seem totally at ease even at such an event as the Met Ball. In fact, it’s no great secret – all you have to do is dress with total confidence, and have some classic items in your wardrobe. Look to the great British heritage of fashion, and don’t be sacred to mix new, contemporary pieces with classics.

White ShirtA crisp white shirt is an essential staple of the wardrobe, perfect for daywear in the office or letting your hair down in the evening. Why not wear one that’s slightly oversize for that nonchalant style.

Wear Heels During the Day – Don’t be afraid to wear heels during the day – they’ll accentuate your height and make you feel more confident. Just don’t overdo it – don’t wear dangerously high heels that you’re unstable on, or ones that make you feel uncomfortable.

Blazers – A well cut blazer is priceless – why not pair it with a crisp white shirt to look classy, or a Breton shirt to look classic and timeless?

Mix the Masculine with the Feminine – Don’t be all girly – embrace a bit of gender fluidity, and mix masculine with feminine clothing for maximum impact. Wear skinny – or even boyfriend – jeans with a classically feminine shirt, such as a silk floral shirt, and see those heads turn.

Embrace Bright Colours – The weather may be dull, but you can stand out, in vibrant primary colours. A cashmere sweater in a bright colour is so uplifting, or why not wear some daring patterns?

Keep Jewellery Simple – A single long gold necklace can do so much to enliven an outfit – wear it over a dark grey or black cashmere sweater for a touch of timeless elegance.

Wear Wide-Leg Trousers – After a decade of the skinny jean’s tyranny, wide leg trousers are back in full Bohemian style, as sported by Victoria Beckham. We love these – they make us feel so sophisticated when we wear them!

Follow these simple style tips, and you’ll be dressing like the best of British in no time.

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